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For Corporate

For Corporate

Right-Source and Right-Skill your Team

We offer a wide range of service to corporates, the primary service is to provide the right resource for the job from our trusted pool of skilled professionals. Fusion Academy candidates come from a wide range of educational backgrounds and experience and are trained with required expertise in the following domains of Logistics, Commercial Shipping and Supply Chain. Each candidate is pre-assessed and thoroughly prepared to improve your hiring conversions. Our dedicated account management team will handle the acquisition and retention needs of your organization.

Benefits to the Employer

LOW COSTS: Significant reduction in overall hiring costs.

JUST IN TIME HIRING: Our rolling training programs ensure that you have access to skilled resources in tune with your business need and hiring timelines throughout the year.

REDUCED ON-BOARDING: Domain expertise ensures that our trained resources add maximum value from the day they begin.

WIDE GEOGRAPHICAL COVERAGE: Our pan-India and Middle East presence takes care of your multi locational hiring requirements and reduces the need for resource mobility ensuring your hiring is effective for the long term.

Our specific services are as below:

  1. Placement of candidates for entry-level jobs (spot basis).
  2. Full batch (20-25) of candidates for specific jobs. We shall screen the candidates, provide intensive 2-month training and offer for placement.

    Our unique ‘Identify, Train and Deploy’ model assists companies with resource identification, customized training and on-boarding which helps organizations fulfil their hiring requirements across various resource pools, domains and geographies. This model is ideal for organizations who recruit regularly intro entry level positions as well as those looking to scale up with quality, trained resources in a short span of time.

    Outsource the search and recruitment of candidates at minimum cost and rely on us to provide you with a pool of professionals that will create an impact in a short span of time. We offer a job-ready pool of students across who have been trained specifically to suit your requirements on an ongoing basis. Our intensive Industry and role specific short-term programs develop fresh graduates into professionals ready to take on various roles within Supply Chain, Logistics and Shipping.

  3. Induction courses tailor-made for employee recruitment already done by you – content and duration as per company requirement.
  4. Corporate workshops for mid to senior level employees (On company site or Training center) – content and duration as per company requirement.

    The Fusion Academy training methodology is innovative in its ability to customize content and delivery to ensure your specific training and business requirements are addressed. Our domain expertise lies in Freight Forwarding, Liner, Liquid Cargo Logistics, Chartering, Port & Terminal Operations and Removals & Relocations.

  5. Our Management Development Programs (MDP) prepare you to be better leaders as well as be valuable contributors to your organisation’s broader institutional goals. These 2-5 day workshops are extremely targeted and act as a catalyst for design thinking, knowledge development and strategic improvement.
  6. Resources for projects – Based on the project scope, we can depute from our pool of well-experienced professionals.
  7. Competence assessment and periodic training.