For Professionals

For Professionals

Add Value and Enhance your Net Worth

The world is moving into automation to a large extent and many of the generic jobs are already extinct or will be extinct in the next 5 years. However, in the area of knowledge assimilation and transfer, we believe that the human intellect will maintain the lead. We value the expertise gained over the years and welcome those with Industry experience in Logistics, to take on the following roles:

  • Mentor and Train fresh graduates (Course-1 of the Academy)
  • Train experienced professionals in a specific field of Logistics, in line with your expertise (Course-2 of the Academy)
  • Design and deliver corporate workshops
  • Lead and deliver specific projects for our corporate clients
  • Mentor research students
  • Develop course content

Please write to our Director (Academics) at to schedule a discussion.

We provide a platform for research scholars – Students or working professionals – in the field of Supply Chain and Logistics. Write to us to schedule a discussion with our research team.